Brazil Document Attestation for UAE-

Brazil Document Attestation for UAE-

Brazil document attestation is mandatory especially when we move to Dubai – UAE. Attestation is the process of verifying a document so that it becomes legal or genuine. Authorities are very much concerned when it comes to documentation. Upon completing the attestation, you can be relaxed.

Which all documents can be Attested?

We Attestation on time can help you in attesting all your documents such as Birth, Marriage, Death, Degree, Diploma, Invoices, Certificate of Origin, Power of Attorneys etc.

All legal documents can be Attested / Legalized. Attestation on Time based in Dubai can help you right from start to end.

What is the process involved in Attestation/Legalization-?

The process differs depending upon each document.  Let us go through the process involved for each document.

Documents such as Birth, Marriage, Death, Academic and School Certificates have to be translated into English or Arabic. Translation work to be done by a certified translator and it must have a recognized translators Signature.

Afterwards, the original translation must be forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affair’s (MOFA), so that both can be legalized together in the MOFA (the translation and the original). After MOFA, we need to take it to UAE Embassy so that the documents can be legalized.

The final step would be MOFA from UAE. Upon completing the UAE Embassy Attestation from France we need to get the documents stamped by the MOFA department in UAE.

Documents such as company invoices, certificate of original etc have to be legalized by the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce before brought to the UAE Embassy. However, company power of attorney must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before we submit it to the UAE Embassy.

The duration required for UAE Attestation-

Documents are processed upon first come first serve basis taking this into consideration we ( can assist you in getting this work completed in 12 to 15 business days/Working days.

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