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Qatar Attestation

 All important documents issued from countries around the globe should be attested by a legal authority, for use in Qatar. We, at Attestation on Time, provide complete support to our clients in obtaining the Attestation for use in Qatar. Expats applying for Employment Visa, Resident Visa or for admission to higher education courses, may require an attestation from Qatar Embassy.

Please note, before submitting your certificate for attestation to Qatar embassy, a pre-verification process should be complete. The pre-verification process starts with verification by Notary public and then being sent for Authentication to the Ministry of Home Affairs / Foreign Affairs of the issuing country.

This verification process is different for different documents. Please send a scanned copy of the documents, to avail more details.

Document requirements for Qatar Embassy attestation-

For Educational Document Attestations-

To standardize this, the Qatar Embassy in 2016 introduced a new rule about requirements for all the qualification certificates. It states that one has to submit all the below three documents together to the Qatar Embassy.

  • Degree Certificate / Diploma
  • Transcript
  • Bonafide Letter – Letter should furnish the below details, clearly.
  • The authenticity of the Certificate
  • Mode of study / Type of study (full-time or part-time/distance learning)
  • Place of the study along with the details of the examination
  • Title Awarded to the candidate(diploma / degree / masters / doctorate)
  • Course duration details.
  • The actual period of study(start date and end date)

Important note- Certificates obtained for online / Distance mode Educational courses, will not be accepted by the Qatar Embassy authorities.

 For Other Documents – Personal & Non-educational documents- 

To attest other certificates like Birth, Marriage or other personal documents, we require only the Original document and passport copy of the document holder. This varies essentially based on the issuing country of the document.

Time frame

The typical duration required to complete the process depends on the issuing country. Embassies of some countries complete attestation on the same date of submission. While some countries, take some time to verify and authenticate your documents. As our brand name says, our mission is to provide you Attestation services on time. We put in high efforts to ensure that they are delivered within the assured time frame.

Qatar Embassy Attestation Process

We have explained the process with the below example, to provide you a better understanding of the process.

Eg- You possess a  Marriage Certificate issued from India, and it now requires Qatar Attestation for use in Qatar. The process is as follows.

  • Verification by Notary Public from India
  • Attestation by authorities in Mantralaya Department from India
  • Qatar Attestation from India
  • Attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Qatar.

So, the process and time taken vary depending on the issuing country of the document. We guide you throughout the process. Stay assured for the reliable service and timely completion of the whole process.

To understand more about Qatar Attestation you are welcome to call our attestation experts at +971 5555 14789.  Or drop a mail to



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