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Birth Certificate documents the date of birth, place of birth, sex, and name of the parents. It is an important record that certifies the birth and existence of a person.

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This is an important official document, that certifies that the two people are legally married. Certificate can be from church/temple or mosque or by state authority.

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It is mandatory to get all the company documents attested by legal authorities for use in the government sectors of a foreign country. To learn more, click below.

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Diploma Certificates are issued by an Educational providers such as an Institution, Colleges or by a University. Course duration varies, though mostly it is for 2 years.

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united kingdom certificate attestation

Documents issued in the UK has to be legalized and attested only from the UK. If you have already left the UK or planning to leave the country soon, we shall assist you in obtaining attestations quickly.

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usa certificate attestation

We are geared to help you get quick and easy attestation of your US issued certifications and documents for use in UAE. All documents such as educational, personal to corporate documents issued from the USA can be attested.

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bvi document attestation

Companies incorporated in the BVI (British Virgin Island) has to submit Attested documents to the foreign government.We make sure that we complete the process before the promised time period.

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france certificate attestation

Obtaining attestations on documents and certificates issued from France to declare their legal authenticity is imperative for you to use them in other foreign countries. We help you get your documents Attested reliably and rapidly.

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indian certificate attestation

A significant majority of expats in UAE and other countries in UAE, are from India. For such people, it is so very important to get their certificates attested. Haven’t you got your documents attested yet?

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canada certificate attestation

Given that Canada is not a member of Hague Convention, you cannot get your Canada documents Apostilled. Yet, documents issued from Canada must be certified and legalized for use in foreign countries.

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south african certificate attestation

Certificates and documents issued by the concerned department from South Africa need to be Attested to demonstrate their credibility and authenticity of a document. We help you in the complete process.

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china certificate attestation

We undertake Authentication and Legalization Services for all certificates and documents issued from China, quick and reliably attestation services. Apply with us and get your certificates attested duly on time.

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We provide Attestation services for all your documents which are issued from 30+ countries. Immigration Departments, labour departments, VISA departments, off course even your employer are very much concerned when it comes to certificates or documents.

 width=Apostille / Authentication

An “apostille” is a form of authentication issued to documents for use in countries that participate in the Hague Convention of 1961.Some of the countries which are part of this convention are – Oman,UK,USA,Bahrain,India, Germany etc.

UAE Attestation

People from all around the world are living and working in UAE. Many expats prefer to be in UAE because of the opportunities and safety. When we are in UAE or if we are planning to be in UAE soon it is important that we have all our documents duly attested by relevant authorities.

Qatar Attestation

Want your certificates attested for Qatar? We can assist you from start to finish. Expats who wants employment VISA , resident VISA ,Higher Education many more reasons in Qatar you need to have our documents attested from Qatar Embassy.

Police Clearance Certificate

Police Clearance Certificate can also be called as Good conduct Certificate. This certificate serves as a proof that he/she has no criminal records. This certificate can be issued to any nationalities and this certificate can be issued only by the PCC authorities.

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