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Attesting Marriage Certificates in UAE

Marriage Certificate Attestation-

Marriage Certificate Attestation – A marriage certificate is a legal proof that two people are married. It is an essential document when you travel / relocate to foreign countries and is issued by either church / mosque/temple or by a state authority.Marriage certificate must provide the following details-

  • Name of the parties- the bride and the groom.
  • Age / Marital status of the parties.
  • Date of Marriage.
  • Place of the Marriage.
  • Address of the Bride and the Groom.
  • Name of the witnesses.
  • The name of the person who formalized the marriage.

In the UAE, Attestation on the marriage certificate is mandatory to authorize the legalization of your marriage in the home country. In accordance with UAE laws, it is illegal for a couple to live together if they aren’t married.

If you are applying for a resident visa for the spouse, Marriage certificate has to be attested from the authority of the issuing country and then from the country that you intend to use this.

Step-by-step procedure involved-

The process of obtaining marriage certificate attestation differs from one country to another. Following gives an overview of the process involved for most of the countries across the globe.

  • Obtaining Notary Public Verification from the issuing country.
  • Second, Attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the home country
  • Attestation from the Embassy of the country that you intend to use,

Lastly, obtaining an attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country that you intend to use( Here, it is UAE).

Usual time period for obtaining Attestation-

In most of the cases, it requires 3-5 working days to get attestation on a marriage certificate. We put our maximum efforts to accelerate the process and help you receive attestation on time. Attestation on Time offers Normal and VIP services. Clients can choose any of them, based on their convenience and requirements.

The exact time required for processing shall be intimated to you at the time of document collection.

Why should you have a attested Marriage Certificate in UAE?

While living with your partner could be the major purpose of having an attested marriage certificate, the following are some important scenarios, when you will need it.

  • Name change in the passport(adding or removing)
  • Applying for Family VISA.
  • Admitting your wife for delivery in the hospital
  • For Expats, to adopt a child.
  • Filing a Divorce.
  • Applying a passport for children.
  • Admitting your kid to the schools.
  • Applying for Insurance.
Are you sponsoring your family in UAE?

Following are the mandatory documents and certificates, that you should submit when you are sponsoring your family in the UAE.

  • Color Passport copies of the family members who wish to live in UAE.
  • White Background photograph of each sponsored person.
  • Attested Certificates(Marriage/Birth/Divorce)
  • Original Ejari Certificate & Electricity Bill.
  • Tenancy Contract.
  • Original Labour Contract (the salary should meet the criteria of family sponsor requirement.)
  • Original Salary Certificate.
  • Bank Statement (3 months statement required)
  • IBAN details of the sponsor.
  • The profession of the sponsor should match up with the family sponsor requirement.

Salient documents to be submitted for Marriage certificate Attestation

  • Original Marriage Certificate
  • Passport Copies of the couple.

We will initiate the process, once you submit all the processing documents. As per the regulations, document requirements vary from time to time. If there are any such requirements, we will guide you when you place the order.

What is the cost estimate?

Usually, the cost involved in obtaining attestation on your marriage certificate depends on- the Issuing country, the language used in the certificate, the country that the applicant intends to use the certificate and the type of service you choose.

Send us a scanned copy of the Marriage certificate, and our experts shall guide you with an estimated quote for the process of Attestation.

How should I proceed further?

  • Contact our customer service team and send a copy of the certificates.
  • Get all your queries answered by our experts.
  • Opt for a collection method as per your convenience
  • Submit all your supporting documents
  • Documents delivered as per your requirements

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