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Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE

A Birth Certificate is an important record that documents the birth of the child. This certificate contains the date of birth, place of birth, sex and name of the parents. Birth certificate attestation makes a birth certificate legally accepted in a foreign country. Attested birth certificates are mandatory while applying for family visa in many GCC countries.

In order for the Birth certificate to be accepted in UAE, the birth certificate should be attested. Saying this, if we need to use the Birth Certificate in the UK, the certificate should go through the Apostille process and not legalization. It is important that we hand over the birth certificate to authorized agents for getting birth certificate attestation.

Why should you attest birth certificate?

  • The attested birth certificate is an essential document to apply for a fresh passport for minors.
  • For school admission (proof of age).
  • Migration purposes.
  • Name change in school or any government-related documents.
  • At the time when applying for VISA, Birth Certificate has to be attested.

The process involved in attestation of birth certificate

The certificate will be attested by the home department or the Ministry of External Affairs. The corresponding embassy of the country where the holder of the certificate intends to go should also attest the certificate.

Steps involved in the attestation process for Gulf countries

  • Verification of the birth certificate by Notary Public ( Notary Public Verification )
  • Birth certificate attestation from Foreign Affairs or External Affairs from the home country.
  • Attesting the birth certificate from Embassy Attestation from the home country.
  • Finally, the birth certificate is to be attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the intended to use country.

There are many ways to attest Birth certificates the majority of the countries follow the above process.

Let me give you an eg: – Regarding Indian Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE: 

How long will it take for attesting Birth Certificates? 

The time taken for the birth certificate to be attested will vary based on the regulations of various countries. We can guide you the duration upon receiving the scan copy of the Birth Certificate. Recently we have introduced VIP services for customers. Availing this VIP service will fast track the process and the documents will be received faster compared to the normal process.

Documents required for attesting birth certificate 

Documents required for the birth certificate to be attested are as below 

  • Original Birth Certificate of the document holder.
  • Passport copy of both parents.

What is the cost involved in attesting birth certificate?

The cost will be calculated based on the following

  • Issuing country of the document.
  • Intended to use country.
  • Depending upon the language used in the document.

Instant quotes will be shared once we receive the scan copy of birth certificate. It is not required for the physical presence of the person whose documents has to be attested.

To get your birth certificates attested call us now. 

  • Documents will be collected from your doorstep.
  • We will initiate the process
  • Once the certificates are attested the same will be delivered back to you as per your convenience.

For any further information please contact us at +971 55 55 14 789 or send your queries to and we will be glad to assist you.

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