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Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE

Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE- A Birth certificate is a must-have document, that records the birth of a child. Typically, the certificate registers vital details including Date of Birth, Place of birth, Gender and Name of the parents. It is mandatory to obtain authentication from a legal authority, to be able to use this in a foreign country, say for instance in UAE. If you are migrating to the UK, the birth certificate must be Apostille and not through the usual Legalization process.  In case if you are applying for a visa in GCC countries, a legally attested Birth certificate is an essential document to be submitted. You are required to hand over the original Birth certificate to our authorized representative to initiate the process.

Why is Birth Certificate Attestation important?

An attested birth certificate is a vital document to be submitted when you apply for –

– Fresh passport for a minor.
– School admissions, as a proof for age.
– Migration to overseas.
– Name change in school or any government-related documents.
– VISA in most countries.

How should you get the Birth certificate attested?

Generally, the birth certificates are attested by the home department or the Ministry of External Affairs of the respective country. Adding to that, the corresponding embassy of the country, where the document holder intends to migrate should also validate and attest this certificate.

Below is the general attestation process flow involved for Gulf countries-
– Verification of the birth certificate by Notary Public (Notary Public Verification)
– Birth certificate attestation from Foreign Affairs or External Affairs from the home country.
Embassy Attestation from the home country.
– Lastly, an attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country, in which you intend to use the birth certificate.

We will elaborate this with an example to give you a better clarity of the usual process in place in the majority of countries across the globe.
Eg:- To obtain Indian Birth certificate attestation for use in UAE, the typical process flow is as below.

– Notary Public from Mumbai.
– Home Department ( Mantralaya Department ) from Mumbai.
– UAE Consulate from Mumbai.
– MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) from UAE.

Typical Time duration and Fast-track options.

Generally, the time frame required for obtaining birth certificate attestations varies based on the regulations of the issuing country and the foreign country where you are intending to use the document. Upon receiving a scanned copy of the document, we shall be able to guide you with details about the exact time duration. To effectively meet the urgent demands of the applicants, we have recently introduced a VIP Service, that fast-tracks the process compared to the usual ones.

Documents to be submitted

Typically, we require the following documents to obtain Birth Certificate Attestation,

  • Original Birth Certificate of the document holder.
  • Passport copy of both parents.
Cost Estimation

We toil to ensure the best rates in the market to our applicants. Instant quotes will be shared once we receive the scanned copy of the birth certificate. You don’t have to even appear in person to obtain the attestation.

The cost is usually calculated based on the following-

  • Issuing country of the document.
  • Intended-to-use country.
  • The language in which the document is issued.

Instant quotes will be shared once we receive the scan copy of birth certificate. It is not required for the physical presence of the person whose documents has to be attested.

Contact us for support

  • Ease-of-document collection. Our representatives shall collect them even at your doorstep.
  • We initiate the process rapidly, upon collection of all the documents.
  • We ensure effective delivery of attested certificates back to your address as per your convenience.-
  • For further queries and details, please contact us at +971 5555 14789 or send a mail to We will be more than happy to assist you until the completion of the process.

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