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Apostille / Authentication

Apostille / Authentication – We find many of our clients confused between Attestation and Apostille. For reference and understanding, here is the difference between Attestation and Apostille

Apostille – An “Apostille” is a form of verification and authentication in practice issued for documents, to use in countries that have agreed and signed the  Hague Convention of 1961. Some countries that are a part of this convention are- Oman,UK,USA,Bahrain,India, Germany etc. 

Attestation- An “Attestation” is a method of authentication issued for documents, to use them in countries that are not part of the Hague convention of 1961. Example-  UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi etc

Documents that can be Apostilled

Some of the documents for which we commonly get Apostille for our clients include Birth certificate, Marriage certificate and Education certificates (diploma and degree). All legal documents shall be Apostilled for use in foreign countries /Hague Convention Countries. 

Purpose of Apostilled documents 

Before submitting the documents for use in a foreign country, they must be Apostilled by the home country. Major purposes include-.

  • To apply for VISA in Apostille countries(Oman/Bahrain/ USA/UK etc)
  • To enroll for higher education in Hague Apostille countries.
  • While applying for Insurance.
  • Sponsoring spouse or family members to Apostille countries.
  • While applying for police clearance certificate.
  • Establishing a new company or opening branches in a Hague convention country(Apostille Country).

 Apostille / Authentication – Process involved in Apostille

To give you a better picture, here is an example-

To obtain an Apostille for Indian Certificates, the process flow is- Notary Public Verification – Sub divisional Magistrate – Ministry of External Affairs – Apostille.

This process is not constant and varies depending on the issuing country of the document.

We, at AOT [Attestation on Time], shall review your documents, guide you on the essential requirements and other details involved in getting your certificates authenticated. Our services are quick, reliable and designed to offer the best rate in the market.

To avail free guidance and support, reach us at +971 5555 14789 or write us at info@attestationontime.com


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