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Attestation of school certificates in UAE

Certificates issued from schools are considered as School Certificates.TC (Transfer Certificates), high School, Higher Secondary, A level, O levels are considered as school certificates. School certificates can be considered as a qualification issued by the board of studies.

School Certificate Attestation – Why School Certificates needs to be attested?

School Certificates needs to be attested for the below purposes-

  • School Admission
  • Employment Purpose
  • Medical
  • Higher Education
  • To show the child is a qualified student.

Many more reasons we need to have our school certificates attested.

School admission requirements checklist

  • Passport size photos of the child.
  • Passport copy of the child.
  • Residence VISA.
  • Attested Birth Certificate (have to be in English or in Arabic).
  • Attested Transfer Certificate, which is been issued by the previous school (if applicable)
  • Parent’s passport copy, residence VISA and Emirates id.
  • Medical reports to be submitted.
  • Copy of the vaccination has to be submitted along with the schools Medical form filled duly.
  • Application to be duly filled and submitted on time

Rules or the process involved in attesting School Certificates

Attestation procedures involved in attesting school certificates vary depending upon the issuing country of the school certificates. Majority of the countries follow the below process-

  • Notary Public Verification from the home country
  • Ministry of foreign affairs from the home country
  • Embassy Attestation from the home country
  • MOFA(Ministry of Foreign affairs) from UAE

Attestation on time can assist you in sharing the attestation process upon receiving the scan copy of the school certificate which requires attestation. We also advice you to get the original school certificate attested.

Duration required for attesting school certificates for UAE

We ensure that we keep up with our deliverable’s which is delivering the documents on time. School certificate attestation duration varies depending upon the issuing country. If the certificate is issued from India and if the student wants to use the attested certificate in UAE in this case we can get the complete attestation in 8 business days.

To understand the exact duration we would like to review the scan copy of your documents for us to share you’re the duration details.

Fee structure in attesting School Certificates-

We completely understand the expense involved in getting admission for a child in a foreign country. We assure our clients that you will receive the best price in the market. We are offering our clients the best service involved in Attestation. Our fees are reasonable. Anyone and everyone who have used our service have experienced the best service the same can be seen in our social media review pages. Free quote will be shared upon receiving the scan copy of the school certificates.

How to proceed further with the order?

  • Contact us & get your queries cleared
  • We get your documents collected
  • We process your documents
  • We deliver your documents.

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