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Attestation of School Certificates in UAE

School Certificate Attestation in UAE- School certificates are a proof for qualification issued by the board of education in that particular country. All certificates issued from schools including Transfer Certificates, certificates issued at high schools, higher secondary, A level, and O levels are considered as School certificates. They should be attested by a legal authority before using them in a foreign country. 

Important purposes of Attested School Certificates 

For various reasons, it is mandatory to have an attested school certificate. Below are some of the major purposes, for which our clients seek for attestation on school certificates-

  • To seek School Admissions
  • Employment Purpose
  • Medical reasons
  • To pursue Higher Education
  • To prove that the child is a qualified student.

Checklist for School admissions

You must produce the following documents when you seek school admission for your child in the UAE.

  • Passport size photos of the child.
  • Passport copy of the child.
  • Resident VISA.
  • Attested Birth Certificate (have to be in English or in Arabic).
  • Attested Transfer Certificate, issued by the previous school (if applicable)
  • Parent’s passport copy, residence VISA, and Emirates id.
  • Medical reports to be submitted.
  • Copy of the vaccination records, to be submitted along with a duly filled school’s Medical form.

Process of obtaining School Certificate Attestation

The procedure in practice to obtain school certificate attestations usually depends on the issuing country of the certificate. Most of the countries adopt the following process-

  • Notary Public Verification from the home country
  • Ministry of foreign affairs from the home country
  • Embassy Attestation from the home country
  • MOFA(Ministry of Foreign affairs) from UAE

Send a scanned copy of the school certificate through E-Mail. Our experts will review and brief you about the exact process involved. We commonly advise our clients, to get attestation on the original school certificate.

What is the time consumed to complete the process?

The time required to get your School certificates attested depends mostly on the issuing country of that document. For example, to obtain attestation for a school certificate issued in India to be used for school admission in UAE, we usually help our clients get this in 8 business days.

If you would like to know the exact duration, please Email a scanned copy of your documents. We put in every possible effort to help you get attestations on time.

 Cost structure to obtain Attestation

Having understood the high expense of getting school admissions for a child in a foreign country, we offer our clients the best and cheap rates in the market for Attestation. Best service for a reasonable rate has been our policy. You can also view our social media handles for customer reviews about our service. Send a copy of the certificate and our experts shall help you with a cost estimate. 

How to proceed further?

  • Contact us to understand the requirements and time involved,
  • Hand over the documents to our representative,
  • Stay assured for their safety and execution of a quick process,
  • We offer assistance throughout the process,
  • Deliver them back on-time, even to your doorsteps.

For queries and other support regarding School Certificate Attestations, kindly contact our customer care experts at +971 5555 14789 or drop a mail to


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