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Degree certificate attestation for UAE

Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE

Degree Certificate Attestation – All important documents must be attested and certified for its authenticity. For authorities to verify the genuineness of certificates, there are several procedures in practice [Obtaining an Attestation, Apostille, WES, etc].  But for Degree Certificates, most of the countries like UAE / Qatar / Kuwait / Saudi / Oman / Bahrain, require an Attestation. We shall help you obtain Degree Certificate Attestations quickly and reliably. Below are answers and clarifications to the most frequently asked questions.

Can you elaborate on the process involved?

The attestation process is not the same for all degrees. It primarily depends on the issuing body of the document. For degree certificates, attestation has to be obtained from the concerned embassy authorities, who are in the capital of the country.

For example- to obtain attestation for Degree certificate from the UK, you have to approach the embassy in the capital i.e. London. We, as reputed agents for Attestation, shall help you ease the whole process. And our experts shall assist you throughout the process.

How long does it take to get my documents attested?

Usually, the time taken for obtaining Degree Certificate attestation depends on the issuing country. Once you submit all the supporting documents, we send them to the concerned country, which takes about 2 days, approximately. Once this reaches the issuing country, they are taken through a subsequent chain of processes [say, Notary – Home Affairs – Embassy Attestation]. The duration for the completion of this process varies based on the time taken by the embassy.

We put in the maximum possible efforts to help you complete this process in a short time. We have also introduced a VIP Service, with which you can obtain the attestation very quickly.

 How much will I be charged for the process?

We strive to offer the best possible rate for our clients. The government fee is based on the issuing country of the certificate, the intended country of use, the language in the certificate and the type of service you choose. Send us a copy of your documents. We shall review them and provide a quote within seconds. 

What is the process of obtaining Degree certificate attestations in UAE?

To use the Degree certificates in UAE, they must be attested by a legal authority. The following shall give an overview of the procedure involved. This varies based on the issuing country of the document.

Notary Verification from the country of origin – Its the notary that verifies the authenticity of the certificate and legally authorizes the identity of the signatory. So, Notarization is the very first step in receiving degree certificate attestation for use in UAE.

Attestation from a legal authority of the issuing country – For the certificate to become valid internationally, it should be attested after Notarization. The authority for this process varies from one country to another. Mostly, this is executed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the issuing country.  The ministry attests the certificate after verifying the notary attestation.

Attestation from UAE Embassy – After receiving an attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the home country, the document has to be attested by the UAE Embassy located in the home country. The authorities in the embassy attest the certificate after ensuring and verifying that it has been attested by all the important authorities in the home country.

MOFA UAE Attestation- As a final step, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE will check and certify the genuineness of the document. Before attesting the certificate, the Ministry verifies if it has been notarized, attested and authorized by the UAE embassy in the issuing country.

Now, your degree certificate is legal for use in UAE.

Are you migrating to a different country? Send a copy of your documents via, e-mail( Our experts shall provide you, the details of the process involved. Our customer-friendly experts’ team will respond to you immediately.

What are the documents that I must submit?

To obtain Embassy attestation on your degree certificate, please submit the following documents,

  • Original Degree Certificate.
  • Passport Copy of the Degree Holder.
  • Authorization letter, to permit us to seek attestation on your behalf,

Exact documents required for obtaining degree certificate attestation will be intimated to you, at the time of order placement.

What are the Degree certificates that can be attested?

We, at Attestation on Time, shall help you obtain an attestation from all the Embassies for the following countries-

Indian Degree Certificate, UK Degree Certificate, USA Degree Certificate, Canada Degree Certificate, Malaysia Degree Certificate, Singapore Degree Certificate, Australia Degree Certificate, South Africa Degree Certificates and from many more countries.

 How should I place the order?

  • Talk to our customer-friendly team and get your doubts answered.
  • Opt for any of the flexible collection modes
  • We assure the safety of documents
  • We take care of the entire process
  • Avail delivery options as per your convenience.

For details, support and assistance, call us at +971 5555 14789 or send a mail to Our team shall help you immediately.


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