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Degree certificate attestation for UAE

Certificates needs to be attested to understand if a certificate is genuine. There are many ways to understand if a certificate is genuine or not.(Attestation, Apostille, WES, etc)

Most of the countries (UAE/Qatar/ Kuwait/Saudi/Oman/Bahrain) accept the degree certificate only if it is attested. Let us go through the process, duration, requirements involved in attesting Degree Certificate.

How can I attest my Degree Certificate?

Degree Certificate attestation process is not the same for all degrees; it all depends upon the issuing body of the document. Attestation needs to be done from the concerned embassy. Embassy authorities are usually located in the capital city of the concerned country. Eg.UK capital is London hence the embassy will be located in London. You can attest the same from the capital or can hand over the documents to reputed agents who can help you in getting your degree certificate attested. We at Attestation on time can assist you in getting your degree certificate attested right from step one. (Collection of documents – Processing the documents – delivering the documents)

What is the duration involved in attesting your documents?

Degree Certificate needs to be attested from the issuing country of the certificate; we will be sending your documents to the concerned country for completing the attestation process. Courier duration would be one or 2 days. Upon the document reaching the home country it will have to undergo certain processes from the home country.(Notary – Home Affairs – Embassy Attestation).The duration fluctuates depending upon which embassy attestation you prefer. We can help you in completing the degree certificate attestation in less number of days.

Recently we have introduced VIP service who are in a hurry. We can provide the attestation services in short period of time.

What would be the fee involved in attesting Degree Certificate?

We Attestation On time are providing our clients the best price in market. Government fee involved in attestation is based on various categories such as issuing country of the degree certificate – where he/she intends to use the certificate after attestation – language seen in the certificate and many more. We can share you the price upon reviewing your documents. Free quotes can be obtained within seconds. You can opt both fee for both Normal and VIP Service.

Process of attesting degree certificates for UAE

Most of the countries follow the below process in attesting Degree Certificates.
Notary Public – Home Affairs / Foreign Affairs – Embassy Verification – MOFA(Ministry of Foreign Affairs) from the intended to use country.

The process varies depending upon various factors. The process involved in attesting your documents will be finalized over the phone or upon receiving your document via e-mail( You can experience immediate response from our customer friendly team.

Requirements for degree certificate attestation

If Embassy Attestation needs to be done on your degree certificate we require the following documents

  • Original Degree Certificate.
  • Passport Copy of the Degree Holder.
  • Authorization letter(depends upon various factors)
  • Documents will be confirmed once the order is finalized.

Which all Degree Certificate can be attested?

We Attestation on Time can assist you getting the below degrees attested from all the embassy’s-
Indian Degree Certificate, UK Degree Certificate, USA Degree Certificate, Canada Degree Certificate, Malaysia Degree Certificate, Singapore Degree Certificate, Australia Degree Certificate, South Africa Degree Certificates and from many more countries.

How to proceed further with the order?

  • Contact us & get your queries cleared
  • We get your documents collected
  • We process your documents
  • We deliver your documents.

More details regarding degree certificate attestation please do contact us at +971 55 55 14 789 or send your queries to will be glad to assist you.