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UAE Embassy Attestation

People from all around the world are living and working in UAE. Many expats prefer to be in UAE because of the opportunities and safety. When we are in UAE or if we are planning to be in UAE soon it is important that we have all our documents duly attested by relevant authorities. UAE government is very much concerned about the security of the country hence all the documents related to a work permit, family VISA has to be attested.

UAE Embassy Attestation can be done for documents such as birth, marriage, degree, diploma, school, power of attorney, AOA and MOA, and many more documents. UAE embassy accepts documents only if it is approved or attested from the issuing country of the document. We are being the approved agents in UAE can help you in getting your documents attested from all the relevant departments so that those documents can be used for the below purposes.

  • To obtain an employment VISA or to change the VISA designation.
  • To obtain a residence VISA for family members
  • School admission for kids in UAE.
  • To open a bank account.
  • To avail loan experience and salary certificates needs to be legalized.
  • To obtain equivalency certificates.

If your purpose is not shown in the above list kindly contact our customer care team.

Document Attestation for UAE

The process involved in getting UAE attestation depends upon the issuing country of a particular document. When we say UAE Attestation it does not mean that the attestation is done from UAE (many facts have to be taken into consideration.) UAE Attestation should take place from the issuing country of a particular document.

The processing time required for getting UAE Attestation depends upon the embassy availability. UAE Embassy authorities are available worldwide hence the duration required for completing the attestation would hardly require a day or two. We can assist you in getting UAE Attestation in less number of days hence we call our company Attestation on Time.

Before we give a document for getting UAE Attestation we need to ensure that documents are separated. Two or more documents cannot be combined as one document.

Payment in UAE Embassy are accepted in money orders, cashier’s check, e- dirham card. It depends upon the policy. The fee structure is not fixed for all countries. Kindly be in touch with us for more details.

We are authorized agents in UAE who can assist you in getting all your documents attested from all over the world. More details regarding UAE Attestation kindly call us at +971 55 55 14 789 or write us at

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