Certificate Attestation UAE

Certificate Attestation UAE

Certificate Attestation UAE – Many are confused when it comes to Certificate Attestation. This article is for individuals who are in need of Certificate Attestation. It is important that employers choose candidates who are qualified in terms of education and having a good experience when it comes to job.The only proof that we submit to the UAE government that he / she is a qualified candidate in terms of education is by getting the education certificate attested.

How to get the attestation?
The process may be complicated but by choosing Attestation On Time the process becomes easier and tension free. Each and every document what is been collected is verified in the first phase ensuring that chance of rejection is NIL. Quotes are being shared upfront so that you need not be worried about the hidden charges.

Let us share you an example on how to get UK issued certificates for use in UAE.
Mr.ABC is having a Diploma Certificate from XYZ University which is based in UK. This certificate needs to be attested for use in UAE. The Attestation process for this scenario would be Notary Public Verification from UK – FCO (Foreign Common Wealth Officer) – UAE Embassy all these three departments are done from UK and finally MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) from UAE.

How long will it take for the attestation?

Taking the above example into consideration there would be three services offered for Certificate Attestation-

  • Normal Services
  • Express Services
  • VIP Services

Certificate Attestation UAE duration and the charges depends upon your selection of services. Best person to answer this would be Attestation On Time representatives. You can reach them directly at +971556410900 or info@attestationontime.com

It is important to hand over the documents to the right company. We Attestation on time can handle your documents safe and secure ensuring the purpose of attestation is fulfilled.

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