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Faq’s about Attestation/Apostille/Police Clearance Certificate- 

1.What is Attestation? 

Attestation is a process of verifying a certificate so that another country accepts it. Once a certificate undergoes attestation it becomes genuine. Some of the countries which require attestation are UAE/Qatar/Kuwait/Saudi Arabia/Egypt/Iran/Philippines etc

2.What is Apostille?

An “apostille” is a form of authentication issued to documents for use in countries that participate in the Hague Convention of 1961.Some of the countries which are part of this convention are – Oman,UK,USA,Bahrain,India, Germany etc.

3.Why Birth Certificate needs to be attested?

  • In order to apply for kid’s passport.
  • For school admission (proof of age).
  • Migration purpose kid’s Birth certificate needs to be attested.
  • In order to change the name in the passport, schools or in any government records.

4.Why Marriage certificate needs to be attested?

  • To change the name in the passport(adding or removing)
  • At the time when applying for Family VISA.
  • To admit the wife for delivery in the hospital
  • When adopting a child.
  • When filing Divorce.
  • When applying passport for children.
  • School admission parents have to submit the attested Marriage Certificate.
  • At the time when applying for Insurance.

5.Why education certificate needs to be attested?

  • VISA Stamping
  • Designation Change (eg.Sales VISA to Manager VISA)
  • Labour Card processing
  • Medical reasons
  • MOH/DOH Examinations
  • Equivalency purpose.
  • Higher Education

6.Why Company documents have to be attested?

  • If you are planning to open a company in UAE or planning to open a foreign branch in UAE its mandatory that certain company documents needs be attested.
  • Opening Bank Account.
  • Signing agreements and new contracts.
  • In order to buy and sell goods from a foreign country.
  1. What are the documents required for attesting a Diploma Certificate?

In order to attest Diploma Certificates we would require the original Diploma Certificate, Passport copy of the certificate holder and at times an authorization letter giving us the power to legalize your documents.Attestation on Time verifies all the supporting documents before sending your documents for Attestation.

8)    What will you need for obtaining Police Clearance Certificates from the UK?

–    Proof of your current address
–    A recent passport size color photo
–    Passport Copies/travel documents
–    Legal documents (POA/authorization letter) if applicable
–    Valid Email address.
–    Address history of last 10 years
–    UK National Insurance and Driving License (if applicable)

9)    How to apply for Police Clearance Certificate from UK?

This can be done through online or in person. Application sent via fax or email will not be considered.

10)    Who can apply for UK Police Clearance Certificates?

Anyone who has lived or worked in the UK can apply for Police Clearance Certificates.

11)    What is the cost involved in obtaining UK Police Clearance Certificate?

Standard application cost is around 45 pounds and duration would require around 10 working days. There is a premium service as well.

12)    Countries for which Police Clearance Certificate is required?

This certificate can be taken for any country. A Police Certificate is needed if you require a work or residency visa for countries including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Cayman Islands, New Zealand, South Africa, UAE and the USA. If you have ever been arrested or convicted of any offense, no matter how long ago it was. It is your responsibility to check with the relevant authority before making an application.

12)    Information which will appear on the UK Police Clearance Certificate –

Your full name
Any previous names by which you have been known
Date of birth
Passport details
The photograph supplied with your application
Your current address
Details of any convictions which are disclosed in accordance with the Retention
Police Clearance Certificate Validity details.

13)    Do we need to attest UK Police Clearance Certificate for use in UAE?

Yes. Police Clearance Certificate has to be attested before we apply for VISA

If you are not able to find an answer for your queries please call our customer friendly team at +971 55 55 14 789 or write us at info@attestationontime.com


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