Importance of Certificate Attestation

Importance of Certificate Attestation

Importance of Certificate Attestation

Let us go through the importance of Certificate Attestation – When we travel to a Foreign country it is important to have our documents attested by the embassy from the home country and foreign affairs department from the intended to use country. In order to understand if a document is genuine attestation needs to be done. Attestation is a chain process. It has to go through various stages to complete the attestation. Indian document attestation process would be Notary + Home Department +Ministry of External Affairs + UAE Embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Attested documents can be used for the below purposes-

  • VISA Stamping
  • Designation Change (eg. Sales VISA to Manager VISA)
  • Labour Card processing
  • Medical reasons
  • MOH/DOH Examinations
  • Equivalency purpose.
  • Higher Education
  • To change the name in the passport (adding or removing)
  • At the time when applying for Family VISA.
  • To admit the wife for delivery in the hospital
  • When adopting a child.
  • When filing Divorce.
  • When applying passport for children.
  • During School admission.
  • At the time when applying for Insurance.

Many more reasons to be continued.

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