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Attesting Divorce Certificates in UAE

People who are divorced will be having a lot of questions running in their mind. Why Divorce Certificate needs to be attested? How to get Divorce Certificate attested? Process and duration involved in getting Divorce Certificate attested? Documents required for Divorce Certificate Attestation? We have done our best in answering these questions below.

Why Divorce Certificates needs to be attested?

There are many reasons to attest Divorce Certificates, we have picked up few important reasons and have been highlighted below-

  • When obtaining VISA in a foreign country or when cancelling an existing VISA.
  • To remove or add spouse name from the passport.
  • When applying for a new passport (from a single parent)

How to attest divorce certificates in UAE?

The process involved in attesting divorce certificates varies depending upon the issuing country of the Divorce certificate and it also depends upon the intended to use country. Most of the country follows the below practice-

Local state government has to verify and approve the certificate – issuing country has to certify the certificates – Intended to use embassy should approve the certificates and finally Ministry of Foreign affairs from the intended to use country should verify the document.

If your divorce certificate is in local languages, we need to ensure that the certificate is translated.

We are offering our clients with Normal, Express and Premium Service based on your priority we can move forward with the attestation.

Requirements for Divorce Certificate Attestation-

We would require the original Divorce Certificate and the passport copy of both the parties. The embassy has the right to request for additional documents if required.

If you are divorced we advice our clients to get the divorce certificates attested to avoid any complication in the future. We take care of the entire process start to end ensuring your requirements are fulfilled.

If your queries are not answered above kindly contact our customer friendly team at +971 55 55 14 789 or write us at info@attestationontime.com


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