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Certificate Attestation – Is it time to attest your certificates? You are at the right place. Attestation needs to be done especially when we are in a foreign country or when we are planning to visit a foreign country. In order to confirm the originality of a document it is mandatory that the particular document have to go through the attestation process.

There are authorities nominated by each Government to attest certificates such as birth, marriage, diploma, degree, transcript, school certificates, power of attorney and many more certificates. These authorities verify the documents and return it back with their stamp and signature confirming the attested document is genuine. This process can be called as Attestation.

Once the certificate is attested which means it’s ready for foreign use. Foreign government are happy to accept documents only if it is attested. Certificates can be attested on the Original or on a True copy – this depends upon each document, each individual requirements, last but not the least it depends upon the jurisdiction of the concerned country.


Purpose of Attestation/Reason for Attestation-

Let us understand why certificates needs to be attested-
–   Employment opportunities in foreign countries.
–   To bring your spouse or parents to a foreign country.
–   Admission of kids in schools or transferring kids from one school to another.
–   To attend Ministry of Health Exam.
–   To appear for Department of Health Exam.
–   For internal promotions.
–   Government & Private jobs.
–   VISA Designation change from lower level to higher level.
–   To claim Insurance and Medical coverage.
–   Certificate Equivalency purpose.
–   To pursue higher education in a foreign country.
–   To admit the wife for delivery in hospital.
–   Applying for a new passport or renewal from a foreign country.
–   Applying for Loan from a foreign country.
–   Registering a Company in UAE requires attestation.
–   To change a company account or to open a new company account in banks.
–   To grant power from one person to another POA (power of attorney) needs to be attested.
Many more reasons.

Authorities are rejecting the documents if certificates are not attested. Expats face a lot of difficulties while documents are getting rejected. It is our duty to keep our documents on track especially when we stay in a foreign country.

Attestation on time can help you in getting your documents attested without your physical presence.

What is the process of Certificate Attestation?

Certificate Attestation process is not the same for all documents. It depends upon the issuing country of the document, where he/she wishes to use the certificate after attestation / it depends upon which document client requires attestation and finally it depends upon which department he/she wishes to use the certificate after attestation.
Eg.If you want to use your Indian education certificate in Dubai for employment purpose, your document undergoes the below process.
Notary Public Attestation – Home Department Attestation – Ministry of External Affairs Attestation– UAE Embassy Attestation and MOFA attestation from Dubai – UAE .

Attestation On Time can understand your needs and will get your documents attested from all the relevant departments.

“Attestation On Time understand your needs”

How long will it take for attestation?

Attestation duration varies depending upon each document henceforth we have introduced three services for our clients.

  1. Normal Service.
  2. Fast Track Service.
  3. VIP Service.

We provide solutions for all your problems and complete the work on time.

Documents required for attestation?

In most of the scenarios, we require only the Original Document and the passport copy for completing the attestation process, however at times we might require an authorization letter from the client giving us the permission or power to complete the attestation process on behalf of the client.

Where should I give my certificate for attestation?

We started this company with an objective to help the expats who are having trouble with attesting their certificates. We are able to attest documents from almost all the countries. By choosing our service we assure you End to End legalization will be done from our end. We are giving 100% importance to each and every document which we handle.

“When it comes to Attestation believe in Attestation On Time”

For more details regarding Certificate Attestation kindly contact our customer care team at +971 55 55 14 789 or email us at info@attestationontime.com 

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