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Certificate Attestation Dubai

Certificate Attestation Dubai – Documents issued from Dubai has to be authenticated for use in a foreign country. Foreign governments accept only attested documents to maintain internal security. The legal authority shall verify and validate the originality of such documents. Once the process is genuinely completed, they return the document attested with a signature and seal.

Are you looking to get your certificates attested from a legal authority? Calm down, you have reached the right spot. We from Attestation on Time, shall help you legalize all documents like birth, Marriage, Diploma, Degree, Transcript, School certificates, Power of attorney, etc.

Should I get attestation on the Original copy? Certificates shall be attested on the original or true copy. It depends on the type of document, the purpose of use and the jurisdiction of the concerned country.

Use of Attested certificates-

Generally, you may need Attested certificates issued by Dubai, when you apply for the following.

–   Employment opportunities abroad.
–   To bring your spouse or parents to a foreign country.
–   Admitting your kids in schools or transferring them from one school to another.
–   To undertake Ministry of Health Exam.
–   To apply for Department of Health Exam.
–   For the purpose of internal promotions.
–   Applying for Government & Private jobs.
–   VISA Designation change from lower level to higher level.
–   To claim Insurance and Medical coverage.
–   Certificate Equivalency purpose.
–   Looking forward to pursuing higher education in a foreign country.
–   To admit the wife for delivery in a hospital.
–   Applying for a new passport or for passport renewal from a foreign country.
–   Applying for Loan in a foreign country.
–   To register a Company in UAE.
–   To make changes to the existing company account or to open a new company account in banks.
–   To grant power from one person to another- POA (power of attorney) has to be attested.

Usually, foreign authorities reject unattested documents of the migrants. This is a very difficult scenario for the expat, as they will be on the verge of losing an opportunity. Kindly ensure that you get your certificate attested, before applying for the above. We can help you get your certificates attested duly on time, even without you being actually present.

What is the process involved for Dubai Certificate Attestation?

The process of receiving attestation varies with the following factors

-Issuing country of the document.
-Type of document for which you seek attestation.
-The intent of Purpose for which you are applying for attestation.

To help you understand this easily, look at the example below.

Example- If you are looking for employment in Dubai and so you require attestation on your Indian education certificate, the process flow is as follows.

Notary Public Attestation – Home Department Attestation – Ministry of External Affairs Attestation– UAE Embassy Attestation and MOFA attestation from Dubai – UAE.

Our team of experts shall help you obtain genuine attestations from all the relevant departments. The exact process involved shall be intimated to you, once you send a scanned copy of your document.

 What if I need an immediate attestation?

We understand your time concerns. We have designed 2 different services to meet your urgent needs. We put in every possible effort to complete the attestation on time.

  • Normal Service.
  • Fast Track Service.

What are the important documents to be submitted?

Original Document and the passport copy of the certificate holder is sufficient to obtain attestations. Sometimes, we may require an authority letter, authorizing us to apply for attestation on behalf of you.

 How should I apply for attestation of my documents?

Our prime motto is to help expats, facing trouble in getting their certificates attested. We ease this process for you and we shall help you get attestation on all the documents. Once you apply with us, we take care of every process from beginning to end.

For support and details regarding Dubai Certificate Attestations, you are welcome to contact our customer support team at +971 5555 14789 or email us at info@attestationontime.com


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