Attesting Certificates Dubai

Attesting Certificates Dubai

Attesting Certificates Dubai-

An Article related to Certificate Attestation or Attesting Certificates Dubai – Common questions which arise when it comes to Certificate Attestation for UAE are as follows-

1) Regarding Dubai / Sharjah / Abudhabi / UAE Attestation-

Recruiting agencies or HR managers are asking for Dubai Attestation / Sharjah Attestation / Abudhabi Attestation / UAE Attestation but the fact is all are the same. All documents have to be attested from the Home country upon which it needs to be attested from the intended to use country(UAE).

2) Types of Certificates which requires Attestation-

There are different types of certificates which require Attestation. Some of the common documents which expats use in UAE are as follows-
a) Education document Attestation – This category contains certificates such as School / Transcripts Diploma / Bachelor /Master and Ph.D. Certificates. For employment VISA category usually, the highest qualified certificates have to be attested.

b) Non-Education document or Personal Document Attestation – Birth / Marriage / Personal Power of Attorney / Death & Divorce Certificate Attestation fall under Non-Education documents. These documents have to be attested when sponsoring a family in UAE.

c) Commercial or Company Document Attestation – Power of Attorney / Memorandum of Association / Articles of Association / Board Resolution / Incumbency / Trade License / Company Invoice all fall under Company Document Attestation. These certificates have to be attested when a company wants to open a branch in UAE or at the time when opening an account in UAE.

Note – If you have any other certificate which requires attestation you can contact attestation experts in UAE at +971 555514789 or +971 42955338

3) Why attestation needs to be done?

Attesting certificates Dubai is an essential process when it comes to VISA processing. Authorities in UAE don’t want any companies or individuals to use fake documents. To avoid such type of certificates in UAE government is asking for the attestation.Also to prove the authenticity of a document all certificates have to be attested.

4) Attestation service providers-

There are many attestation companies and agencies in UAE who are providing attestation services. When you hand over your documents to these agents kindly ask or demand for their license copy. Only authorized and licensed companies are allowed to collect your documents. One of the authorized attestation company who is based in Dubai would be Attestation on Time.

5) Dubai Embassy Attestation / UAE Embassy Attestation-

Dubai Embassy and UAE Embassy both are the same just the change in name. UAE Embassy Attestation needs to be completed from the home country only then MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) in UAE will accept your documents.

6) Attestation Requirements-

Do I need to submit the original document for Attestation? Yes, original document along with the candidate passport copy needs to be submitted for attestation.

More details regarding Certificate Attestation or for Attesting Certificates Dubai you may visit or call attestation advisors at +971 555514789 / +971 556410900 or +9714 2955338


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