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Attestation of Indian Documents In UAE

Majority of the expats who live and work in Dubai, Sharjah, Abudhabi and other emirates in UAE are from India. When we travel or when we are in a foreign country it is important to keep our documents safe and secure. The documents that we have should be attested from the embassy authorities only then such documents are considered as legal or genuine documents. If you have not attested your documents it is time to get your documents attested now.

Do we need to attest all our documents?

We advice our clients to attest all the documents so that we are stress free when it comes to document submission.

Why Indian certificates should undergo attestation / purpose of attesting Indian documents?

The documents what we submit for various use in a foreign country should be genuine. To understand if a document is genuine or not, particular document should undergo attestation process only then it will be considered as genuine document.

  • Birth Certificate – Kids school admission / to verify the date of Birth / VISA purpose / Name change/ Applying for passport etc
  • Marriage Certificate – Sponsoring spouse / admitting wife for delivery / Immigration / Filing divorce / Applying for the tenancy  contract / renting a house in UAE etc
  • Education Certificate – Higher education / Employment purpose / VISA change or designation change/ Salary Increment etc

If you cannot find the requirements in the above list call our customer care to understand more about attestation.

Requirements For Attesting Indian Documents in UAE

If it is Birth, Marriage, School, TC, Diploma, Degree Certificates we require the original certificate along with the passport copy of the certificate holder.

Company documents – the requirements might vary depending upon the documents. Supporting documents will be confirmed at the time of confirming the order.

Indian Certificate Attestation Process-

Attestation process is not the same for all documents. The process is been shared depending upon the issuing country of the document, document type, document issuing date, and intended to use country.Majority of the documents follow the below process-

We analyze the documents and can share you the attestation process involved in attesting your documents.

Duration Required For Attesting Indian Documents-

We offer three types of services for our customers in UAE

  1. Normal Service
  2. Express Service
  3. VIP Service

Clients can choose one among the above service depending upon the urgency of your need. To understand more about our service kindly call our customer care team.

How to place the order-

  • Call us or Whatsapp us at  +971 55 55 14 789 / Email us at
  • Hand over your documents
  • We take care of your certificates and complete the legalization process
  • Deliver your documents as per your requirements and availability

To understand more about attesting Indian documents for UAE, kindly call our customer friendly team at +971 55 55 14 789 or email us at

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