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Attesting Canadian Documents in UAE

Canada Certificate Attestation – Given that Canada is not a member of Hague Convention, you cannot get your Canada documents Apostilled. Yet, documents issued from Canada must be certified and legalized for use in foreign countries such as UAE, Qatar, and Saudi.

This Legalization process varies from one certificate to another especially for Diploma Certificates, University Certificates, etc. But for all the other documents including personal and company documents, the process remains the same.

What are the documents required?

Please submit the following documents, when you apply for documents attestation issued from Canada for use in UAE.

• Original Certificate or Copy of the Certificate.
• Passport Copy of the Certificate holder.
• Sealed Transcript (applicable for University issued certificates only)

Procedures for Sealed Transcripts
i) The applicant must request the university to send the sealed transcript directly to the UAE embassy. We will share the location details of the UAE Embassy in Canada upon order confirmation.
ii) Once the applicant is notified by the University, about the dispatch to the Embassy, Kindly let us know with the reference number.

The processing of documents will begin once all the essential documents are received. This shall be intimated to the applicant at the time of order placement.

Canada Certificate Attestation Time stretch

The time required for the legalization process depends upon the nature of the document for which you request Attestation. It is different for different documents. We put in enormous efforts to ensure that you get the Attestation On Time.

Generally, we offer the following services to our customers. Depending on your urgent needs and cost constraints, you can avail one of them.

• Normal Service.
• Express Service.
• VIP Service.

You are welcome to call our experts to understand the difference in the above services. They shall help you select a plan based on your requirements. We keep you updated about the status of the application through emails, the online portal and via WhatsApp.

Total cost estimation

If you need a quote for obtaining Canada Certificate Attestation, please send a scanned copy of your documents. We shall review the documents and depending on the nature of service that you prefer, we will send you an estimate. We also provide free home consultations, for residents in UAE. If you require a home visit, please intimate our team and they shall make arrangements as per your availability.

Why choose us?

By applying for attestations through Attestation on Time, you are entitled to receive the following benefits for Canada Certificate Attestation-
• Within UAE, we provide free document collection & delivery
• Different payment options.
• Notification through E-mails and WhatsApp messages, about important updates.
• The whole attestation process shall be taken care of.

The process involved in Legalization of documents issued from Canada

The legalization process is not standard for all the documents. It changes based on the type of document that you choose. Below is the process involved in attestation of Birth, Marriage, Diploma, University Certificates for use in Non-Hague convention countries[UAE/Qatar/Saudi].

• Notary Public Certification from Canada
• Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) in Canada
• Embassy Attestation from Canada
• MOFA – Ministry of Foreign Affairs

To proceed further-

• Call our attestation experts at +971 5555 14789 or send your queries to
• Send a scanned copy of the document,
• Understand the requirement details,
• Choose a particular service – Normal, Express or VIP service, based on your needs,
• Reliable completion of the entire process,
• Delivery as per your convenience.

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