UK Certificate Attestation Dubai

UK Certificate Attestation Dubai

UK Certificate Attestation Dubai

UK Certificate Attestation Dubai – Expats who are moving to UAE from UK for employment opportunities or to pursue higher education have to get their certificates attested. It is important that we hand over the documents to the right attestation agents who handle such activities. Attestation On Time is a document clearance company located in Dubai – UAE who have a wide range of experience in legalizing all type of documents. Providing value-added services to clients are their specialties.. Some of the services which Attestation On Time offers are as follows-

–    Free Quote provided upfront.
–    No hidden charges.
–    Live status updates provided from time to time.
–    Online tracking updates.
–    On time Delivery.
–    Flexible payment options
By providing the above services Attestation On Time have ensured 100% customer satisfaction. 

Types of Certificates which requires Attestation for use in UAE – Dubai
Many are concerned when it comes to certificate attestation. We have done our best in answering some of the common questions which we hear from our clients.

1)    Which certificate do I need to attest?
–    For employment purpose in Dubai, we advise our clients to get their highest qualified certificates attested.

2)    Do I need to submit my originals for attestation?
–    It depends on the qualification which you have completed and it also depends upon the certificate issuing country. Please call our customer service team at +971556410900.

3)    The duration required for Attestation?
–    UK issued certificates we offer Normal / Express and VIP Services. Based on your urgency you can opt one of the mentioned services.

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UK CERTIFICATE ATTESTATION DUBAI  – Importance of Birth, Marriage, Diploma, Degree Certificate Attestation

Birth Certificate Attestation –

–    An attested birth certificate is an essential document to apply for a fresh passport for minors.
–    For school admission (proof of age).
–    Migration purposes.
–    Name change in school or any government-related documents.
–    At the time when applying for VISA, Birth Certificate has to be attested.

Marriage Certificate Attestation –

–    To change the name in the passport (adding or removing)
–    At the time when applying for Family VISA.
–    To admit the wife for delivery in the hospital
–    Expats adopting a child.
–    When filing Divorce.
–    When applying passport for children.
–    School Admissions.
–    When applying for Insurance.

Diploma and Degree Certificate Attestation-

–    VISA Stamping
–    Designation Change (eg.Sales VISA to Manager VISA)
–    Labour Card processing
–    Medical reasons
–    MOH/DOH Examinations
–    Equivalency purpose.
–    Higher Education

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