How to proceed further with the Attestation? Best Attestation company in UAE

How to proceed further with the Attestation? Best Attestation company in UAE

How to proceed further with the Attestation? Best Attestation company in UAE

Attestation On Time a licensed company in UAE can help you in completing the Attestation activities from all across the Globe. Our experienced customer service team will take you through the attestation process right from step one until the time the documents is delivered to you.Certificate Attestation is important in UAE.

Certificate Attestation – How to hand over the documents to our company?

If our expertise requests you for the original document, then you will have to email us the collection address for us to arrange for the collection. Email have to be sent to

Email should be acknowledged immediately (latest by 30 min) if not request you contact Attestation on Time customer care team for booking the order.

However, for some documents attestation can be done on a TRUE COPY. This can be confirmed with our expertise before placing the order. Based on our expertise advice you can email us the document to for us to initiate the process.

Which all documents attestation can be done on TRUE COPY?

Some documents can be attested without the original documents. If your documents are from one of the below countries, then you need not have to hand over your original document.

  • North America.South America.
  • Documents issued from Asian countries then it is mandatory that we will be needing the original document.

When placing the order our customer friendly team will guide you more in detail.

Payment terms-

This depends upon the terms and conditions agreed between our clients and our staffs. Some of the terms and conditions are as follows-

  • Payment upon delivery 50% payment required as advance rest upon delivery.100% payment required as advance.

Depending upon your documents the above terms and conditions will be applicable.


‘’Do not forget to collect the receipt for the payment made’’

Delivery of attested documents-

Upon completing the attestation, we can arrange for delivery as per client’s requirements. We offer below service (no additional charges)

  • Delivery of document to the document holder.Delivery of documents to his/her friends or family members.Delivery of documents to his/her employer from our Staff personally (additional fee applicable)

Kindly confirm the above before placing the order.

More details related to placing attestation order you may contact +971555514789 or write us at

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