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Translation Services –

Translation Services comes into place when one document is translated from one language to another language so that the translated document can be used in a foreign country.

There is a difference between an individual translating a document and a legal translator translating a document. Translation done through individuals (non-authorized person) can be called as a normal translation however such type of translation will not be accepted in government departments.

Translation done from a legal translator (a person who is licensed) would be considered as legal translation. Such type of translation is accepted all over UAE or any other foreign countries. All documents which comes under the category education/personal and commercial documents can be translated.

There are two ways where translation comes into place.
a) Pre Legal Translation Services– This translation takes place before attesting a document. Let’s understand this with an example-
Document which requires attestation is in a local language and this document requires UAE Attestation. What is the role in translation?
The document should first be translated into English from the issuing country of the document and then attestation will be done on the translated document.

b) Post legal Translation Services – This translation takes place after attestation. Certain emirates in UAE will accept documents only if it is in Arabic language. In this scenario it is mandatory that the attested documents should undergo legal translation within UAE.

Translation of documents can be completed the same day depending upon the translator’s availability. 200 words after translation will be considered as one page. When translating a document its mandatory that the names are spelled as per your passport/Visa copy/Trade license (if applicable) to avoid any chance of rejection.

Different types of translation services which we offer –

.       English-Arabic (vice versa)
.       English-Arabic-French (vice versa)
.       English-Arabic-Russian (vice versa)
.       English-Arabic-German (vice versa)
Many more…

Apart from the above we provide you CERTIFIED translation.

We are the leading translation service providers in UAE. More details regarding translation kindly contact us at +971 55 55 14 789 or write us at

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