Cayman Island Document Attestation

Cayman Island Document Attestation

Attesting Cayman Island Documents for UAE

Cayman Island Document Attestation – Cayman Island is a beautiful Island located in the Western Caribbean. Recently there are many companies who are willing to open a company in Cayman Island. On the other side, there are many companies who are established in Cayman Island willing to open a branch in UAE. Attestation On Time can help individuals and corporate’s in getting their documents legalized.

How to Legalize Cayman Island Documents?

Attestation On Time come across different types of documents which requires Legalization. Some of the common documents which require Attestation to open an account in UAE are as follows:

  • Board Resolution.
  • Incumbency Certificate.
  • Board of Directors.
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association.
    The process involved in legalization differs depending upon various factors. This can best be explained upon receiving the scan copy (

The process involved in Attesting Cayman Island documents-
Company document Attestation for use in UAE the process are as follows-

  • Notary Public from Cayman Island.
  • Apostille from Cayman Island.
  • FCO (Foreign Common Wealth Office) Apostille from the UK.
  • UAE Embassy from the UK.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs from UAE.

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Why Attest or Legalize Cayman Island documents?
It is mandatory that the bank authorities verify the documents before accepting the documents. Authorities accept the documents happily if it is legalized or attested. Attestation on Time can help you in getting the documents attested right from step one. Some of the reasons why to attest documents are as follows-

  1. When opening a company in UAE.
  2. In order to Open Bank Account.
  3. While signing agreements and new contracts.
  4. Imports and Export of Goods.

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How to proceed further with the order?
Contact our expertise get your queries cleared. We collect your documents. We process your Cayman Island documents and we deliver your documents at your office.

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