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Embassy attestation is required for documents such as education documents, personal documents and commercial documents. When a person who is willing to travel to a foreign country especially GCC countries it is mandatory that his/her documents undergoes embassy attestation.
Embassy attestation needs to be done for countries which are not a part of Hague Convention.UAE/Qatar/Kuwait/Saudi many more fall under this category.

e.g – If you want to use your certificates in one among the above countries you will have to undergo Embassy Attestation. The Embassy is located in the capital city of a particular country.UAE Embassy in India is located in Delhi (capital of India).

If you want to obtain UAE VISA (resident / employment/ investor visa etc) certificates needs to be attested from UAE Embassy of the issuing country of your documents and finally from the Ministry of Foreign affairs from intended to use country.
Attestation on time provides embassy attestation from all the embassies.

Who requires Attestation?

Individuals who wish to relocate from one country to another country for work activities or for personal reasons their documents such as education and personal documents have to be attested.

Who have the rights to stamp my documents from the Embassy?

Embassy representatives have the right to stamp your documents. Once embassy verifies your documents which means it’s genuine and the same can be used in foreign countries for various purposes.

Different types of Embassy Attestation-

There are different types of attestation to name a few UAE  Attestation/Qatar  Attestation/Kuwait  Attestation/British Embassy Attestation and many more.
Eg.1) If a person from UK would like to travel to UAE for employment purpose its mandatory that UAE Embassy in UK stamps the concerned persons education certificates.

Eg.2) If a person from India would like to bring his/her spouse to UAE its mandatory that he/she gets the Marriage Certificate attested.

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