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Embassy Attestation

When a person is traveling / migrating to a foreign country, especially GCC countries, it is compulsory to have the documents Attested by the Embassy. Embassy Attestation is mandatory for all documents including Education documents, Personal documents, and Commercial documents.

Embassy Attestation has to be obtained to use your documents in countries that aren’t part of the Hague convention- For UAE, Qatar,Kuwait,Saudi, and several others. The Embassies are usually located in the Capital city of that particular country. For instance, the UAE Embassy in India is located in Delhi [India’s capital city].

If you are applying for UAE VISA [resident/employment/investor VISA], the documents have to be attested from the UAE embassy in the issuing country of the document and also from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country, where you are willing to use the document. We, at Attestation on Time, provide Embassy attestation services for certificates from all the countries.

Why Attestation?

For people, planning to relocate to another country for work or for other personal reasons, have to get their educational and personal documents duly attested by the authorities. 

Who has the authoritative right at the Embassy to attest my document?

The authorities and representatives at the Embassy, hold the right to attest your documents. Once this is done, it means that the document is genuine and authentic for use in foreign countries for various purposes.

 Types of Embassy Attestations

 There are various different steps involved in Embassy Attestations- For example, Attestation / Qatar  Attestation / Kuwait  Attestation / UAE Embassy Attestation and many more.

We have given some examples, to give you a clear picture.
#1 If a person from UK is traveling to UAE for employment purposes, he / she should get Attestations on all the concerned educational certificates from the UAE Embassy in UK.

#2 If a person from India is planning to bring his/her spouse to UAE, then he / she should get the Marriage Certificate attested.

We can help you in getting various Attestations, from countries across the globe. For support and assistance, call us at
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