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UAE Police Clearance Certificate[PCC]

UAE Police Clearance Certificate[PCC] has become an essential document in the UAE. To verify the employee’s criminal record and conduct, the employers require this clearance certificate before admitting them into his organization. Police Clearance Certificate[PCC] is one that is generally issued to certify your conduct and can also be called a Good conduct certificate. This can be obtained from Dubai and Abu Dhabi Police after they verify that you don’t have any criminal records or cases.

Important scenarios when a PCC is required-

  • When you are planning to emigrate,
  • When you are traveling abroad,
  • To obtain PR
  • Upon Opening a Bank account
  • When you establish your own business
  • When you apply for a loan.

Countries that ask for Police Clearance Certificate-

If you are looking to travel / emigrate to foreign countries especially Australia, Belgium, BVI, Canada, Cayman Islands, China, New Zealand, South Africa & USA.

Documents required-

We, from Attestation on Time, shall help you in getting a PCC from the UK, Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman. Documents required to obtain PCC varies depending on the country, where this certificate will be put to use. General requirements are- Copy of the passport along with photo and ID proofs.

Exact requirements will be intimated to you at the time of order confirmation. Once we receive the clearance certificate, we shall courier them to your destination as per your convenience [at an additional courier cost].

PCC should furnish the following details-

Full Name –
Date of Birth –
Gender –
Passport Details –
Place of Birth –
Nationality –
Requesting Country –
Issuing Date –

Note- If an applicant has a criminal case registered or pending before the courts, he / she is not eligible to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate.

Expiry of a Police Clearance Certificate –

Validity and expiry of a PCC vary depending on the issuing countries- mostly 3 months or 6 months.

For your information, below are the exact details for some countries-

  • From UAE & Kuwait – 3 months from the date of issue
  • From Qatar – 6 months from the date of issue

We request our applicants, to check this with the authorities before requesting a PCC through us.

How to place the order with us for PCC?

We, from ATTESTATION ON TIME, provide complete assistance to our clients, in getting a Police Clearance Certificate easily and within a short period.

  • Talk to our experts and get your questions answered.
  • Submit your documents to our representative
  • The complete process from then will be taken care of, by us.
  • Opt for delivery to your doorstep.

For support and assistance in placing the order, Contact our customer friendly team through +971 5555 14789 or


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