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Attestation for Nursing Certificates in UAE

Nursing Certificate Attestation in UAE – Nursing has grown to be one of the most profitable jobs in the world. Finding a nursing job as an expat is relatively easy in most of the countries. As per the Gulf News report dated 8th Aug 2017, the following countries pay the highest salaries to the expat nurses- The UK, USA, Norway, Canada, Australia apart from the GCC countries. It is very important to get attestation/legalization on a nursing certificate, for use in overseas. They have to be verified, Attested and Authenticated by the local authorities and the Embassy authorities.

 Important documents to be submitted 

  • Original nursing degree certificate.
  • Passport copy of the degree holder.
  • Original Mark sheets for all semesters.
  • Authorization letter (granting us the permission and authority to request attestation on your behalf)

We will share the exact information about the requirements while confirming the order.

 Other certificates that require Attestation to apply for nursing jobs 

When you are an expat, looking for employment or to pursue higher studies abroad, it is important to have your documents attested. To apply for nursing jobs, you should have all the certificates including High school, Higher secondary School, Diploma, Degree certificates along with the Transcripts.

Why should I get Attestation on my Nursing certificates?

Attested Nursing Certificates are useful in many ways. Following are the major requirements-

  • Applying for employment VISA
  • While changing the sponsorship
  • For changing the profession
  • Applying for family VISA
  • Applying for PCC(police clearance certificate)
  • Pursuing Higher Education
  • Increment in the current salary.

If your requirement is not listed above, please free to call our Attestation experts, to know if you it requires attestation of documents.

General flow of Process for Nursing certificates Attestation for UAE

The process involved in Nursing certificates attestation primarily depends on the issuing country of the certificate. Prioritizing your requirements, we shall guide you throughout until the process completion.

For example, to use Indian issued Nursing Certificate in UAE, the process is as described below-

Would you like to know more details about this process? Feel free to call our team at +971 5555 14789 or send a mail to


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