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Experience Certificate Attestation in UAE

Experience Certificate Attestation in UAE – An Experience Certificate, also called an Employment Certificate, is usually issued by the employer to recognize and appreciate the work of an employee. This generally confirms the experience of the employee in that particular concern. This certificate is useful when you search or apply for new jobs. Please ensure that the certificate furnishes the following details, that are important to obtain Attestation.

  • Name of the candidate
  • Organization details
  • Designation
  • Period of work
  • Name and Signature of the authorized person

Purpose of Attestation-

You need to select and specify the intent of purpose for which the applicant seeks Attestation of the Experience Certificate. We have listed below, some of the common purposes and intentions stated by clients who approach us for attestation.

  • Employers request.
  • As proof of the work experience in a particular field.
  • Applying for loans.
  • Applying for Immigration.
  • Internal Promotion.
  • Applying for Police clearance certificate.

Don’t panic in case if your purpose of attestation requirement is not listed above. Kindly call our customer friendly attestation experts, who will help you through a seamless execution.

The validity of an experience certificate-

Experience Certificate is an authorized formal letter issued by the employer, authenticating the experience and job role, on behalf of the employee. Experience Certificate Attestation is most required when you intend to join a new organization. Even more importantly, when the new company is located in a foreign country, like in Gulf countries, it is mandatory that you get your experience certificate attested.  This is a proof that you have served in that particular company. Sometimes, people enquire about the validity of attestation. Please be informed that there is no expiry date for an attested certificate. Nowhere on the stamps / seal, you would find the validity terms.

Our team of experts shall guide you in getting your Experience Certificate Attestation in the shortest time span.  This certificate shall help you search / join a new organization abroad. It should contain Name, Designation and the Period of service in that company, authorized and signed by the employer.

 Process involved in obtaining attestation-

The process involved in getting your Experience certificate is not a standardized process, but a chain process. It is determined based on the issuing company, Country where you intend to use this, years of experience and so on. Our experts team shall inform you guide you on the exact process flow upon receiving and reviewing the certificate.

Essential documents to be submitted-

Typically, you shall be asked to submit the original Experience certificate, passport copy, 2 photographs and an authorization letter, to permit us seek attestation on your behalf. 

Possible use-cases of the Attested Experience Certificate

We have listed below the authorities/departments in UAE that demand Experience certificate for admission into their concern. This is intended to give you a better and clear picture of the importance of Experience certificate attestation.

  • Schools, Colleges/Universities.
  • Banking industry (private banks and public banks)
  • Oil and Gas Industries.
  • Technical companies.
  • Chemical Industries.
  • Financial service Industries.
  • All government sectors.

Queries and support

Kindly call our customer friendly team of experts, who will be glad to collect your certificate — answer your queries — confirm the order — accelerate the process — deliver at your doorstep.Call us at +971555514789 or write to info@attestationontime.com


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