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Experience Certificate Attestation in UAE

Experience certificate is also known as employment certificate. Experience certificate is issued to candidates to recognize their work or appreciate their work. Experience certificate confirms the candidates experience in a particular company. Before we give the experience certificate for Attestation you need to ensure that the experience certificate contains the below details-

  • Name of the candidate
  • Organization details
  • Designation
  • Period of work
  • Authorized person Name and Signature.

Experience Certificates can be used by employees at the time of job search.

Need of Experience Certificate Attestation

Before we give the certificate for attestation we need to ensure the reason for getting it attested. Some of the reasons why clients approach us in getting their experience certificate are as follows-

  • Employers request.
  • To prove the work experience in a particular field.
  • When applying for loan.
  • At the time when applying for Immigration.
  • Internal Promotion.
  • At the time when applying for Police clearance certificate.

These are the primary reasons why clients approach us in getting their experience certificate attested. If your requirements cannot be seen in the above list kindly contact us to understand the need of attestation before you give the documents for attestation.

How to attest my experience certificate?

Attestation process is not the same for all documents it’s a chain process. Each experience certificate which we handle on daily basis the process is not constant the process changes based on various factors such as– Experience certificate issued from which company , intended to use country, years of experience and many more. Upon reviewing your certificate our attestation experts can guide you the process involved in attesting your experience certificate.

Documents required while attesting Experience Certificate.

We would require the original Experience certificate, passport copy, 2 photographs and authorization letter giving us the permission and power to attest your experience certificate on your behalf.

Which Department / Industry ask for Experience Certificate Attestation?

In UAE the below departments are asking for attestation-

  • Schools, Colleges/Universities.
  • Banking industry(private banks and public banks)
  • Oil and Gas Industries.
  • Technical companies.
  • Chemical Industries.
  • Financial service Industries.
  • All government sectors.

How to proceed further in Experience certificate attestation?

Contact our customer friendly team get all your queries cleared – confirm the order – we process the order – we deliver the attested documents as per your convenience.

For more details regarding Experience Certificate Attestation kindly contact our customer friendly team at +971 55 55 14 789 or write us at info@attestationontime.com