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Attestation Services 

Attestation Services – Basically, attestation of a certificate is to ensure its Genuine Authentication by a legal authority. Majority of the countries require a certificate attested by authority of the issuing country. So if you are planning to visit a foreign country, or migrate to a country, it is mandatory to get Attestations on your Birth, Marriage, Education certificates.

Generally, there is very little awareness of the difference between Attestation Services and Apostille Services. Countries that come under Hague convention require Apostille and others require Attestation.For a better picture-

UAE / Qatar / Kuwait / Saudi Arabia / Egypt / Iran / Philippines etc. requires Attestation

India / UK / USA / Brazil / Spain / New Zealand / Italy / Argentina, etc.requires Apostille.

Are you still confused if you require an Attestation or Apostille? Please call our customer friendly experts team. We shall help you with the entire process.

The process of Attestation / Apostille-

Obtaining Attestation or Apostille involves a chain process. Take a look at the following examples-

Eg.1- UK Certificate requires UAE Attestation.

First, the local government (UK) should accept the documents after which we need to submit the documents to the UAE authorities. The attestation process flow for this would be- Notary Public Verification from UK – Foreign Commonwealth Office from UK – UAE Embassy from UK – Ministry of Foreign Affairs from UAE.

Eg.2 – Indian Education requires UAE Attestation.

Here at first, the Indian government should accept the documents upon which we need to submit the documents to the UAE authorities. Attestation process would be Notary Public from Indian – Mantralaya Department from India – Ministry of External Affairs from India – UAE Embassy from India – Ministry of Foreign Affairs from UAE

 Major purposes of Attested Certificates-

It is important to keep our documents attested so that we can use the same for the following purposes-

Attested Birth Certificates can be used to –

  • Admit your kids to school.
  • Apply for a passport for your child.
  • Migration purpose.
  • Apply for a name change in the passport.
  • Apply for dual nationality..
  • Apply for insurance and for Insurance claims.

Attested Marriage Certificates can be used to-

  • Apply for a Name change in the spouse passport.
  • Apply for a family VISA.
  • Admit your wife for delivery in hospitals.
  • Adopt a child.
  • File for divorce.
  • Apply passport for children.
  • Apply for insurance.

Attested Education Certificates can be used to-

  • Process a new VISA.
  • Change designations.
  • Process the labor card.
  • Apply for higher education.
  • Apply for the medical test in UAE.
  • Execute Migration Purposes.
  • Internal Promotion Purpose.

Attested Company Documents can be used to –

  • Open a bank account (Business and Personal account)
  • Establish a new company.
  • When signing a new agreement or while renewing the existing agreement.

The validity of Attestation-

This is a very commonly asked question. It mainly depends on the type of document and it could be 3 months, 6 months, or infinity (unlimited).

For further proceedings and support-
  • Contact us for queries and support.
  • Our representative shall help you with the requirements and process flow.
  • Hand-over your documents.
  • We take care of the complete process.
  • We deliver them back safely.

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