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Switzerland Certificate Attestation

Switzerland Certificate Attestation – If you are planning to relocate to a foreign country for Work /Education or to start a business in a foreign market, all Switz documents must be Attested. We provide you quick and reliable attestation of all documents including School Certificates, College Certificates, Diploma, University Certificates, Birth and Marriage Certificates, and Company documents.

Mandatory documents

Mostly, we require only the original document and the passport copy of the document holder. Sometimes, the authorities may also ask for a letter, granting us the authority to seek Attestation on behalf of you. Actual processing begins once you have submitted all the essential documents. This will be notified to you when you confirm the order. 

Time-period for the process

Should you need an immediate attestation, to avail the overseas opportunity? Don’t panic. To meet your urgency needs, we have designed the following services.

  • Normal Service
  • Express Service

Call our attestation experts, to understand the difference of the above service modes and to pick one based on your requirement conditions.

Process involved in attestation of Switz documents

Attestation is a process that verifies and confirms that the signature and seal affixed to a document are authentic. This involves a chain of processes each requiring authentication by a higher authority as below, based on the nature of the document.

  • Notary Public in Switzerland
  • Attestation from the Chamber of State in Switzerland
  • Federal Chancellery in Switzerland
  • Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade in Switzerland
  • Embassy Attestation from Switzerland
  • MOFA – Ministry of Foreign Affairs (intended to use country)
Discounts and deals

The attestation charges for Switz documents vary from one document to another. This is based on the type of service you opt for and the nature of the document. At Attestation on Time, we ensure cost-effective services to our clients. We offer special discounts when you apply for attestation of two or more documents. We normally accept payments in Dirhams[AED] only.

Services offered to our clients for Switzerland Certificate Attestation
  • Document collection and Delivery as per your convenience
  • We provide flexible payment options
  • Stay updated about the status through emails or WhatsApp notifications.
  • Timely completion of the entire process

Attested documents shall be collected directly from us. Or, they can be delivered to your address as per your availability. Please provide the exact delivery address when you submit the documents. To ensure the safety of documents for our customers, we accept address changes only when intimated through your registered E-mail. Avail free delivery services within Dubai.

For support and assistance

  • Call us or WhatsApp us at +971 5555 14789 / Email us at info@attestationontime.com
  • Hand over all the essential documents to our representative,
  • From beginning to end, we take care of the whole process,
  • Flexible delivery options as per your availability and requirements,

Do you need additional information or assistance? Call our service team at +971 5555 14789 or send a mail to info@attestationontime.com. Our customer-friendly experts shall help you complete the process.

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