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Attestation for Provisional certificate in UAE

Provisional certificate/document issued by an education provider who has successfully completed all studies included in the program. This certificate is issued to the student prior to the degree certificate. This is issued to a student in prior (after completing the course and before obtaining the degree) because he/she can use this certificate while applying for higher education.

Why provisional certificates need to be attested?

Some students who are waiting for the degree certificate from college or university can always opt in getting the provisional certificate attested. Let us understand the need of getting the provisional certificate attested.

  • When applying for a new VISA or VISA renewal.
  • Designation changes provisional certificates have to be attested.
  • When changing the sponsorship.
  • When applying for family VISA and parent VISA.
  • Higher Education
  • MOH exams

If your requirements are not seen in the above list kindly call us to understand if your provisional certificate has to be attested or not.

Documents required for attesting provisional certificate-

We would require the original certificate, Mark sheet copies, Passport copy of the certificate holder and an authorization letter giving us the power and permission to attest your provisional certificate on your behalf.

Provisional Certificate Attestation process-

Attestation process is not the same for all documents it depends upon various factors such as issuing country, intended to use country and off course depends upon the certificate issuing date.

Eg.Mr.XYZ is having an Indian provisional certificate and he would like to use it in UAE for VISA purposes- Attestation process would be –

We can share you the attestation process upon verifying the document.

Charges for provisional certificate attestation-

Regarding the charges as mentioned above (process) we can finalize the attestation charges upon reviewing your provisional document. Based on your document we can share you the price and duration. We promise you the best price in the market.

How to proceed further in getting the Provisional Certificate Attested?

Please contact our customer service team and get your queries clarified – we collect your certificates – we process it and we deliver the documents back to you.

More details regarding Provisional Certificate Attestation kindly call our customer friendly team at +971 55 55 14 789 or write us at


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