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Lebanon Certificate Attestation

Lebanon Certificate Attestation – Use of important Lebanon-issued documents and certificates in overseas demand an Authentication, concerned as Lebanon Certificate Attestation from a legally certified authority. We provide fast and efficient Attestation Services to all the Lebanon documents including School Certificates, College Certificates, University Certificates, Birth and Marriage Certificates and Company documents, that shall be authenticated with/without you appearing for the process.

Attestation Requirements-

Usually, in most of the cases, we require only the Original certificate and Passport copy of the document holder to authenticate the certificates. At times, an authority letter may be asked for, to certify the documents on behalf of the applicant. The actual processing of the documents resume, once we receive all the supporting documents, about which you shall be notified during the order placement.

Time taken for the Process-

Keeping in mind, the urgency requirements of some of the clients to carry on their immigration without interruption, we have modeled the following types of Attestation services-

  1. Normal Service
  2. Express Service.

To understand this in detail and to choose the one that best fits you, please talk to our attestation experts available 24 x 7 at +971 5555 14789.

Process involved in Attestation –

The legal authority for authentication of the documents is selected based on the nature of the document / certificate and the purpose for which you are requesting attestation. Based on the above factors, we proceed further with the Attestation process-

  • Notary Public from Lebanon
  • Ministry Of Foreign Affairs in Lebanon
  • Embassy Attestation
  • MOFA – Ministry of Foreign Affairs (intended to use country)
Estimated cost for Attestation-

Generally, Attestation charges differ from document to document, depending mainly upon the mode of service that you select. We strive continuously to offer you the best rate in the market. We offer special discounts when you apply for attesting two or more documents. Payment accepted in UAE dirhams only.

Services offered to our clients-

Apart from offering rapid Attestation process, we also have several services designed to increase the comfort level of the applicant, and ensure safe and timely service of the process.

  • Document collection and delivery by our representative at your door-step
  • Highly flexible payment options
  • Updating the applicant everyday through E-Mails and WhatsApp messages.
  • Rapid and reliable completion of the whole process of attestation

The applicant shall collect the documents directly from us, or opt for delivery to an address based on their requirements and availability. The address shall be collected when you submit the application. To ensure delivery in safe hands, we accept address changes only upon intimation through the authorized email. We provide zero-cost delivery within the Dubai area.

Contact & Support-

  • To know more Call us or WhatsApp us at +971 5555 14789 / Email us at info@attestationontime.com.
  • Securely hand over your documents to our representative
  • We take care of the safety of your certificates while also ensuring an efficient completion of the legalization process
  • Opt for flexible delivery options for your documents, as per your requirements and availability.

Should you need assistance in placing the order, please do contact our Attestation Experts at +971 5555 14789 or send a mail to info@attestationontime.com. The team will be glad to assist you through the process.

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