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German Certificate Attestation

German Certificate Attestation –  Documents issued from Germany, concerned as German Documents need to be attested by a legal authority to affirm that it is genuinely authentic for use in a Foreign country. We offer an end-to-end seamless attestation service to all documents issued from Germany including School Certificates, College Certificates, Diploma Certificates, University Certificates, Birth and Marriage certificates, and Company documents, that can be Notarized and legalized, in your physical presence/absence.

Documents to be submitted

Probably in most cases, we require only the Original certificate and Passport copy of the document holder to complete the attestation process. There are scenarios, that demand an authority letter to be submitted, certifying the documents on behalf of the document holder. Processing of documents begins once we receive all the supporting documents and you shall be notified with everyday progress.

Type of services

We offer the following two types of customized Attestation services-
● Normal Service
● Express Service

We understand that urgency is a matter of utmost importance and we request you to opt for any one of the above services depending on your requirements. Please feel free call our attestation experts to customize the service as per your requirements.

German Certificate Attestation Process-

Attestation process varies depending on several factors including the purpose of obtaining the authentication for use in a foreign country, nature of documents etc.,based on which we help you get attested from any of the below legal body.
Notary Public Attestation (if req) from Germany.

Cost Estimation

Attestation charges are likely to differ based on the service you opt for, the add-on’s you choose and also on the nature of documents. We provide you special discounts and concessions when you apply for attestation of two or more documents. We accept payment in dirhams (AED) only.

Services offered to our clients-

Efficient document collection and Delivery
Flexible and reliable payment options
Status updates to be sent to the registered email and WhatsApp number
Perfect care throughout the entire attestation process.

We offer additional benefits to ensure that the client is delivered a stress-free service. Once we receive the documents post-attestation, you shall collect them directly or choose from the available delivery options based on your convenience. Change of delivery address is possible only after intimation through email by the authorized document holder. Avail free delivery service within Dubai.

Attestation assistance

  • Call us or WhatsApp us at +971 5555 14789 / Email us at
  • Submit your documents and choose the service.
  • Utmost care for your documents/certificates.
  • Rapid completion of the legalization process.
  • Customized delivery options for your documents

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